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CBT motorcycle training Milton Keynes

5 life lessons from motorcycle training…

motorcycle training in London and Milton Keynes

5 life lessons from motorcycle training…

  1. Everything is easier if you don’t get stressed
  2. Its OK to be a beginner and not be good at something.. you are learning!
  3. Be kind to yourself, being a perfectionist can drive progress away
  4. Be present and responsible – your life may depend on it
  5. Listen to the voices and learn to trust your instincts

Motorcycle training is a funny old business.. We have dedicated years of our lives to helping people achieve their dreams and enjoy the freedoms of motorcycling. To us, its an important journey and one where you often find yourself up against yourself, challenged in ways you may not have expected, put under pressures you are not used to.

Overcoming these challenges and pushing through to achieve the result is what makes motorcycle training a particularly rewarding achievement. It may be lost on many, but actually this activity is so not about mundane driving to work and back… you will learn about yourself, your limitations and how you can achieve beyond what you thought was possible. And not just to pass a short test with a bloke in a yellow jacket telling you to ride around some cones..this is for life. YOUR life…Have it!


motorcycle training in London and Milton Keynes

Live the dream…learn to ride!

CBT motorcycle training Milton Keynes

5 things everyone thinks are true about motorcycle training

motorcycle training in Milton Keynes and London5 facts about motorcycle training that everyone thinks are true…

We take calls and inquiries every day about motorcycle training and are constantly amazed at the weird and wonderful ideas some people have about the process of passing the motorcycle test and getting safely on the road on 2 wheels… Not that it is particularly simple to navigate your way through the burning hoops, nevertheless we have noticed a distinct pattern of assumptions that are often repeated or even asserted as FACT!

Here are our top 5 most common “facts”, assumed to be true by the most people…


Motorcycle training in Milton Keynes and London

  1. The CBT is a test! – no it is NOT a test, it is a training day during which you need to reach a required standard, set by the DVSA.
  2. Its normal for instructors to shout and swear at you – no! no! no!!!… you should never accept this when undertaking motorcycle training , anymore than you would from shop staff when shopping in Tesco
  3. All Motorcycle Training schools are the same – No they are not..there is a massive difference between schools and their attitude to customer care, to name just one aspect. Do your homework, don’t be afraid to ask questions, visit the school and meet the team.
  4. Its really hard to pass the full bike test – No it is not. However, you will need to invest time and money in this activity, as you would learning any skilled physical outdoor activity
  5. The CBT is a license to drive – Sorry… The CBT is a certificate to say you have done a very basic course, to qualify as a learner. It is not intended as an in itself, anymore than driving around in a car with a fully qualified driver sat next to you for 2 years. Do your bike test, no matter what you ride.

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Motorcycle Training in Milton Keynes and London

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Motorcycle training in Milton Keynes  CBT courses in Milton Keynes 

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