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Muscles and motorbikes 2017

You gotta be fit to ride!


Follow us to see how Paulina progresses to her first #bodybuilding competition in 2017!

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Muscles and Motorbikes! #rebeldoggriders #fitness #bodybuilding #fitfam

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#fitfam #bodybuilding #fitness Getting there! #rebeldoggriders

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Indoor motorcycle training?

CBT training in Milton Keynes

Motorcycle training in Milton Keynes… we are looking at doing this again as the weather closes in and the dark nights seem to get longer…any takers?

Motorcycle clothing and equipment

Heated clothing!!!

As you might have noticed, it has become a little chilly recently, prompting us to break out the heated motorcycle clothing (and smug looks) as we ride out all nice and toasty!

keis-x10-bodywarmer-model-300x300The good news is that we are now stockists for Keis heated clothing, which is first class heated kit, including jackets, vests, gloves, trousers, insoles and all the accompanying bits, including remote heat controllers if you want the latest in convenience and toasty comfort!

Once you have tried heated motorcycle clothingkeis-x800-heated-outer-gloves-300x300, you will understand why we have been using this kit for 3 years now. It really is a game changer and will enable you to fully enjoy those crisp sunny mornings, whilst the rest of the biker world has given up for the season!

Trainees: try out this heated kit during your motorcycle training with Rebel Dogg! You can rent any number of items daily for very little, adding another dimension of comfort and safety to your motorcycle training experience.

Call Paulina on 07828 032 438 to discuss your requirements and be sure to reserve your Keis heated clothing when booking your DAS course.

Starter Clothing, Helmets, gloves and accessories for beginners!

We have spent a lot of time looking at our customer’s needs and have done all the work for you to make sure that the equipment that you will need to buy for the start of your biking career is of the best quality possible, with the best safety ratings at the lowest price and value for money.


  • Helmets under £100, fully featured with Sharp ratings that match helmets 3 times the price. Sun visors, Pin lock systems and built in earphones
  • Stylish Textile jackets for under £100. Waterproof and warm for the winter
  • Textile Trousers: warm dry and comfortable winter riding
  • Gloves, winter and summer options
  • Waterproof over trousers
  • Motorcycle boots, waterproof and stylish options

Study road signs

Follow this link to a web site dedicated to helping you learn what all the road and traffic signs in the UK mean.

Road signs in the UK

Click on image to go to web site




How to adjust your chain