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CBT motorcycle training Milton Keynes

A1 test special offer!

Pass your test for a 125cc motorcycle

Pass your test in Milton Keynes

There are many good reasons to pass your A1 test at the age of 17/18 – or any age if you just want to ride small bikes…

  • Get rid of those ugly L plates!
  • Take passengers on your 125cc bike or scooter
  • Enjoy lower insurance as a fully qualified rider
  • No more CBTs!
  • No more CBT or theory tests when you want to upgrade from A1

We are offering you the chance to pass your test A1 125cc full bike test at a discount rate if:

  • You have been riding on a CBT for at least 1 year (16 to 17 etc)
  • You have a current valid CBT certificate

Pass your test!

Our SPECIAL DISCOUNT RATE will apply for a short time only and includes all test fees and tuition.


Pass your test in Milton Keynes with Rebel Dogg Riders and become a fully qualified rider, you will be safer being out of the highest risk category of motorcyclist and you will enjoy riding all the more with the added knowledge you will gain from being trained to test standards. This is all about being properly trained to a much higher standard than you can get from doing a CBT. We put everything we can into CBT training in Milton Keynes at our local site, but this is limited to what we can cram into a day!

If you pass your test at A1, you will be ready to pass the A2 test when you turn 24 or 2 years have elapsed… no more CBT training and no need to do another theory test. Upgrading to a bigger bike will be so much easier if you take the stepped progress route, especially if you are 17 and have never driven a car.

Parents! would you prefer to have your youngster on the road alone after 1 day of training, or after completing a full training course, theory test and full driving test with a DVSA examiner?…

A1 training and test £499.00

pass your test in Milton Keynes!