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Electric motorcycles

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Electric motorcycles

Electric Motorcycles are gaining momentum…

We have been watching with interest as the technology advances for electric motorcycles and they become more affordable, practical and even desirable.

electric motorcycles

Zero electric motorcycles

Zero motorcycles are probably the best know brand of electric powered motorcycle, with a range of options and prices n the 10K + range. This is down from original price points that frankly made them a rare consideration for most petrol head bikers, but as the prices come down, the mileage ranges per charge go up, the recharge times are reduced… these bikes are starting to look like an alternative worth considering to petrol driven, equivalent models.


In the UK, a new brand of electric motorcycle is in development. At time of writing, as published on their website, VIGO motorcycles is launching a stunning new model and asking visitors to register interest in their new model.

With a claimed 400 mile range, 0-60 in 3.2 seconds performance, rapid recharge times and gorgeous looks, this bike could be a game changer.

If this company were to design an adventure style workhorse bike, we would most certainly be looking at replacing our instructor flee with these zero emissions, fuel free motorcycles.

Vigo estimated retail prices for this bike are also stunning – with prices being offered to interested parties at discount rates, this new brand is planning on marketing these bikes at just under 8K GBP, which at 120 BHP is right in the face of many modern sports bike brand offers…wow.

We look forward to the next few months and will be keeping a keen eye on VIGO, who we wish all the very best of luck to. Let’s hope that the finished article is a high quality British product we can all get behind!

In articles around the UK bike press, one can see how far things are progressing towards a genuinely realistic competitor for the petrol driven motorcycle.

The BMF last year reviewed the latest range of offerings, which whilst a little out of date, gives a view of how even the big four are reacting to this potential market, with Yamaha developing a realistic electric motorcycle option…

At the recent annual British Dealer News show, a raft of new electric scooters were on show at very reasonable prices. Again we see these offerings becoming more practicl and attractively designed, with price points to match. Electric scooters are now fast becoming a realistic option for whizzing about town centres and short shopping trips. Cheap, economical, environmentally friendly personal transport. Many designs of electric scooter are classified as electric bicycles, with no need for tax and MOT and able to ride on cycle paths.

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