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Executive motorcycle training

Executive motorcycle training

What are you hoping to achieve? What is in your way?

Learning to ride a motorbike in Milton Keynes safely is a rewarding and challenging journey for everyone, involving a surprisingly wide range of learning opportunities. It is so much more than just passing a driving test, this is not like learning to drive a car!

It is a mistake many people make, to just look at the process of motorcycle training as a means to an end: getting a license. Of course you need to pass your DAS motorcycle test to get on the road, but there is so much more to learning to ride a motorbike than that and there is only so much motorcycle training schools can cram into one training session. The DVSA test is a tiny snapshot of your safe riding ability, very much in accordance with the highway code. Passing this test should be a side effect of having learned to ride properly, with an adequate amount of training, largely beyond what most people expect to be necessary.

learning to ride a motorbike in Milton Keynes

Rebel Dogg Riders owner and chief instructor invites you to approach learning to ride a motorbike in Milton Keynes in the best way: by engaging yourself in a fully immersive, one to one learning experience from the start of your riding career. Personal motorcycle training is the ideal way to learn how to ride a motorbike, with a bespoke training program and individual, undivided attention from the very start of your training.

Compulsory basic training (CBT) and all Direct Access Scheme (DAS) training modules will be undertaken one to one, allowing for a much deeper and richer experience. Post test training and Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) training are included in the Executive Training package.

As you progress, you will benefit from the full range of experience, qualifications and expertise that comes with an instructor who holds DVSA and advanced riding/teaching qualifications, and has over 35 years of experience riding motorcycles. As a trained and certified Life Coach, Alex has toolkit full of skills to help you get the most out of your chosen journey, including Hypnotherapy and NLP to help you address any fears and anxieties, driving test nerves, bad habits and to help boost your performance to its maximum potential.

Learning to ride a motorbike in Milton Keynes should be a journey of personal development at its best… give yourself the time, the space and luxury to fully appreciate the journey, not just an imagined “end point”.

Executive Motorcycle Training is Ideal for:Anyone nervous about driving tests! (er… everyone!)

  • Anyone who suffers from anxiety and is scared of learning to ride
  • Anyone “time poor”, who needs flexibility around work/life commitments
  • Anyone who wants to invest in their skill as their motorcycle training outcome
  • All of you who want to get the most out of life and enjoy learning to ride a motorbike in Milton Keynes!


You will need to advance book your sessions with Alex to ensure availability. All Executive packages are ind ividually organised around each student, but there is only one Alex! Please give us as much notice as possible and ensure that the times/dates you book are kept to as much as possible! Executive Motorcycle Training packages are delivered in sessions of four hours, to allow for maximum impact and low fatigue rates.

learning to ride a motorbike in Milton Keynes


Executive Motorcycle Training is available in Milton Keynes, at our training centre in Bletchley. For a further charge and within a 35 mile radius of Milton Keynes, individual training can be organised locally by special arrangement.  Please give plenty of notice if this is an attractive option for you.

Prices, what you get AND our unique Guaranteed Pass Scheme!

Executive Motorcycle Training costs £1800.00 inc. VAT

This modular course will run over 9 days, each module of 4 hours is arranged at your convenience – they don’t have to be all at once!

Module 1 tests can be organised at the week ends by arrangement.

 Learning to ride a motorbike in Milton Keynes: Executive Motorcycle Training includes

  • One to one CBT training in Milton Keynes
  • One to one DAS training in Milton Keynes /on location by arrangement,
  • One to one Enhanced Rider Scheme assessment
  • ERS certificate (helps you get a better insurance rate with certain insurers)
  • Free “Fearless Training” Modules – NLP, hypnosis and life coaching sessions
  • Total flexibility “After Hours” training : time poor? Book a training module after work
  • Free “TheoryTest Pro” – online theory test study aid when you book your course
  • Fully inclusive of all test fees
  • Fully inclusive of all fuel costs
  • Fully inclusive of bike hire costs
  • Includes all motorcycle equipment hire: helmets, jackets, gloves and waterproofs
  • NO TEST RETAKE FEES!!! With Executive Training packages, there are no retest fees making this a unique one to one motorcycle training course. 
  • Special discounts on new motorcycle helmets and equipment from Rebel Dogg!