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Rebel Dogg Riders group

DAS test training in Milton Keynes

Rebel Dogg Riders group

motorcycle DAS training in milton keynes

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Rebel Dogg Riders was formed in late season 2016, to create a social riding scene for our students.

Learning to ride a motorcycle is only the beginning after all and we hope that this group, which already has over a hundred members, will continue to grow and that those of you with bikes and no one to ride with, will join us for some fun days out.

Check our Facebook page for news about upcoming rides and events and let us know if you are interested in joining in!

motorbike lessons in milton keynes

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We are looking to attend shows and events around the UK, visit a variety of biker cafes and generally ride our bikes for fun.

First ride out day of 2017 is the Southend shakedown in April.. visit our Facebook page for details…

learn to ride motorbikes in milton keynes

Bike shows, events and fun stuff!